Post 314
For True Sisters

Tell Me

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me about that evening
How the moon shone upon the lake
How your carriage flew as if on wings
Your heart was full
You felt you could not be happier
You could want for nothing more

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me about your dress
Covered in Slavic roses
Velvet and ribbons and embroidery
Embroidery and embroidery
Lace and layers
You smiled as you twirled, delighted

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me about your slippers
Were they completely of glass?
Some say they were actually kierpce
Reminiscent of distant mountains
Is it true that the shoes were left until last?
Is it true that you almost had none?

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me about your victory
How you went to the ball
Against the schemes of false sisters
How astounded they were
To see you radiant, lovely and sweet
Graceful, beautiful, unique

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me about the dancing
How did it feel to step so lightly, so quickly
To twirl?
They all saw how happy you were
Music filled the evening air
You felt you could dance forever

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me about the promise
What did the Prince
Whisper in your ear?
Did he speak of the future?
Is it true that he said he would never forget you?
That he would always be with you?

Oh, Cinderella!
Tell me, finally, about your secret ally
Who knew how to gather pieces of this and pieces of that
Your godmother, no less
What did it cost her to give you this dress?
Is magic the word, or shall we speak
Of sacrifice, determination, patience, and love?