Post 67

Unforeseen Dots:
Connections Between Posts 65 and 64

Little did I realize!

(But now I do.)

Thus I added

a dedication

to Post 64.

Now it says,

“To His Holiness, Pope Francis.”

You see,

I suddenly realized,

that Pope Francis too is driving a rocket

his is called

the Catholic Church.

He’s in the pilot’s seat now.

God’s put him in charge,


Not you,

Not me.

This means,


We must be careful

What we say against him,

What we insinuate.

Can we back it up?

Can we really, really, back it up?

Or do we guess? Is it a rumour, what we pass on?

Do we know

His very thoughts?

Do we know

His very mind?

What if

Pope Francis has the gift now

A sudden gift now

of reading souls?

Wouldn’t you be

Quite surprised?

Reading souls see,

Isn’t quite like

You might expect.

You’d be surprised

You would find

That those who do everything ‘right’
That those who sing the right (pro-life) ‘song’
Are often wrong,
Deep in their hearts.

You would find,

That those who’ve done so much ‘wrong’
Are not always
half so bad
As you might think.

Harder to tell than you’d expect,
Was Jesus’ point,
When he did divide
the Pharisee
Who did all right
From the prostitute
Who did all wrong.

Perhaps Pope Francis knows more than some do think.

Someone has put him in charge
For good reason
And this Someone knows


Almighty God

Has put Pope Francis
Dear Pope Francis
In charge
of his
Rocket Ship

Be careful when you question
Be careful when you challenge him,
LifeSite “News”
Don’t touch his rearview mirror
Don’t lean into the dials
Quite so far

Because behind the Pope
There’s another One

The Pope is the rock.
Tell me,
If you’re Catholic,
Who stands on it?

Pope has a rocket
And a Friend
Like no other

Don’t cut so close
With your scissors
Mr Editor
How do you know whether they’re still sharp?
How do you know whether they cut so well?

You’re cutting the cloth
Mr Editor
Man of the cloth

Be careful Mr Editor

Jagged lines?
Wayward scissors?

Watch out
Mr Westen

Many readers
and more online
to you

Watch out

Speak carefully
I’ve read those threats
In your magazine
To the Pope
You claim to speak
on behalf of many
in the Church
A very great many

Watch out

What you say

When you speak of
the little fellow
in the driver’s seat

of that rocket ship