Post 61

What's Wrong with the World:
A Defence (and Counterclaim) on behalf of G.K. Chesterton

Yesterday I was fine
Other than that little detail
Of being angry with the whole world
Today I’m just annoyed.

Someone asked me,
But knowing what you do,
Don’t you feel badly?
Don’t you feel, “Oh, the poor dears!”

Humanity, its weakness,
Its sad fallen state!
They couldn’t do better.
They just couldn’t cope!

Hmm, let me see.

Oh here it is:


They had a choice.
Everyone, a choice.
They chose, badly,

Given the choice,
They choose.
Badly, wrongly, deliberately,
again, again and again.

It made me quite angry.
I was really annoyed.

Personal responsibility
that you can choose

What you do
What you say
What you don’t do
What you don’t say.

Please do it.
Please say it.
Don’t blame anyone else.

Don’t say it’s the weather, because it isn’t.
Don’t say it’s your neighbour, because it isn’t.
Don’t say it’s your schedule, because it isn’t.
Don’t say it’s the devil, because it isn’t.
Don’t say you couldn’t, because you could have.

God knows it.
You know it.
And I know it too.

But don’t worry about me.
(Not that you would.)
I’m fine.
Just a small case
Of being angry with the world.

A prophet named Chesterton
once wrote a book
called “What’s Wrong with the World”

Some say that
One time
In some letter
to some newspaper
of unknown name
and unknown date

Chesterton identified
As the problem

Oh, I protest this rumour, I do.

No proof, but they say it.
No proof, so I deny it.

Volumes upon volumes he wrote
Understand what you can find,
you “scholar.”
As for things you can imagine,

Oh I’m angry with the world.

So busy inventing what others have said
But never thinking twice about words of their own

Some kind of mess
Words all spewing out
Any old kind, any old time
No reason, no rhyme

Figure their meaning, it’s all up to you
Figure their meaning, they just can’t be bothered
“Laughing out loud” when they’re raging
Apologizing when they’re so far from sorry
Smiley faces everywhere
Guess which are real and which are just there

They’re too busy for you
They don’t mean what they say
Or maybe they do
Don’t take exception
It’s the most modern fashion

To talk without thinking
To speak without meaning

Too busy to mean what they say
Too busy to say what they mean
What does it matter

They’re too busy for you
Otherwise occupied

Finding people to blame
For the things that they say,
The things they don’t say
The things that they do
The things that they don’t


I’m annoyed with the world.

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