Post 142

Your Move (Script Included)

If I make a complaint, it does not mean I am upset.

If I make a complaint, it does not mean I am angry, sad or hurt.

If I make a complaint, it means I have made a complaint.

That’s all.

Don’t add some emotional drama to the entire picture.

I’m not twisted in a knot.

I’m not entirely distraught.

Quit it with your fiction.

Stop imagining me weepin’ with some tissue.

I ain’t.

Trust me.

(I got other things to do.

It’s true: My life never did revolve around you.

Surprise, Surprise.)

Deal with the issue.

The issue.

The issue that I just raised.

The issue I just brought to your attention.

The violation.

The offence.

The problem.

The overstepping of your bounds.

Yeah, that’s the issue.

It’s your turn.

Time to say “I’m sorry”

Ain’t it?

Time to say “It won’t happen again”

Ain’t it?

Yeah, it is.

But trust me,

I’m not waitin’ for ya baby.

(I know better.)